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At the age of 16, I started working at my father’s studio and have not stopped. I have been honored to win many top studios, top teacher, and top student awards. I have taken my students to achieve their dreams and watched them become a finalist in every single competition they competed in and under my direction one of my students won the world champion pro/am cabaret at the world’s largest competition millennium which she held that title for two consecutive years before retiring. That achievement in winning made me become a world-class instructor. 


Today, I continue to inspire individuals to continue their dancing careers while choreographing award-winning performances. But, out of all my achievements the one that is most meaningful to me is that all my students have continued to dance and pursue their careers. Some are now active professionals showcasing their talents to future generations of dancers. Them continuing to pursue their career allows me to know that I have done my job as an instructor. 

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