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the journey of

travis stancil


Having grown up in a small, closed-minded community in the late 90s/early 2000s with few opportunities afforded to me, I always felt the spotlight was my real friend and true love.  The happiness it brought to me is something I still crave every day, and the platform it gives me has allowed me to uplift and help others in ways I never thought possible.


In grade school I was classified as having a learning disability and was generally overlooked by the educational system. However, while I sometimes fell behind in traditional public education, I thrived in the arts of acting, music, producing, and performing.  My bubbly personality was my first clue that I belonged on a stage, and I always dreamt of becoming a big star—I was just consistently told I was too small and not cute enough.  Those feelings changed when I landed a contract with the largest kid’s magazine, Teen Vogue, at the age of 12.  


At the age of 14 my career changed along with my attitude and mindset. Following in the footsteps of my father, I became known as the “rockstar rebel of the ballroom” going on to win every major youth dance competition nationally and internationally.  I have strived to remain humble and true to my upbringing and do not take for granted my success. I have endeavored every day to use my gifts to give back to my communities.  I remain an active dancer, model, producer, and motivational speaker traveling to various seminars producing dance shows and fundraising events. The spotlight is the greatest gift that can be shined onto to someone—soak it in, and never let anybody dim your light.  


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