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“Modeling has been my life since the age of 12, after driving 8 hours to a national casting call, fate hit me literary when I collided with the national casting director, after a brief conversation she asked for one of my comp cards which then changed my life. After waiting four hours I was pulled from line to move to the front and was signed on the spot for Teen Vogue Magazine.


Since then, I have had the honor to work with several agencies and campaigns for such brands as Journey’s, Paxton, Aeropostale, Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, Silver Fly, Ron Thompson, Lindbergh and Jon de luxe.  I have been featured in magazines such as Men’s Fashion Magazine, Paul Mitchell, Vogue International, Fashionista and Ellie. 


Since being a model, I have gained tremendous confidence and a platform that I now use to inspire and help find the inner beauty in everyone.  I was taught that beauty is from within, and we must let it shine through.  It is what makes us unique and beautiful. I am now fortunate enough to teach seminars to the upcoming models and even assist in directing photo shoots for top brands and models.  I plan to continue to model and use my platform that I have been given to show that there is beauty in all of us, you just have to let it shine through.

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